Kezzy's 13th Birthday

We have had one of THOSE Rottweilers, you know, the supposed mean and ass-eating kind, living with us since just before Xmas '91. Her name is Can. Ch. Batjac's Kezzy Sioux (Kezz or Siouxie for short).

Well, it's been a few years since then and unfortunately Kezzy's no longer with us. To her last days she was constantly reminding us and her offspring that she was still 'super bitch' and don't you forget it! October 28th 2004 is when she celebrated her 13th birthday and began her 14th year. She has slowed down, is arthritic, has cataracts and her hearing isn't what it once was, but she still has lot of spunk.


"Okay Mom, here I am, looking real good in my new arctic fleece jacket and my mink collar; think you can get those kids in the back to sing along with me?"

"You ready to sing too, Dad?"

Kezzy Sioux

"Are those the kids I hear from the back room? "

"I believe they're ready, you think I should practice a bit first, do a couple of scales before I belt it out?"

"There they are, I hear 'em! Let's wail!"

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