General Characteristics

The ideal is an energetic, far-sighted creature with the courage and perseverance of a hound and natural antipathy for losing. He should appear neither clumsy nor awkward, as a certain amount of speed and agility is essential while doing his thing. He is usually found in packs at dog shows.


The width between the ears varies with wins and losses. Surmounted by a topknot of long or short hair, either flat, wavy or rather curly, on occasion may be thinning at the top or completely bald, but the latter is rare on the female. The male is sometimes bearded - again, this is rare on the female but not unheard of.


A pinkish tinge during the summer months. This should not be penalized on an otherwise first-class specimen.


In proportion to the head. Ability to listen while in the company of elder and wiser breeders is to be greatly desired.


Large enough to put a foot in. A slight bulge in the jaw denotes a liver bait.


Short-coupled variety: usually plump and well padded in hindquarters, flabbiness to be penalized. Long-coupled variety: lean and sinewy. Extra size being no disadvantage in either variety provided it does not interfere with freedom of action.


Never drooping. Broad enough for slapping or crying on.


Muscular and strong - however, occasional stiffness due to leaning over large dogs or crouching behind small dogs is permissible.


Room for plenty of heart.


Flexible and well-muscled, caused by lifting crates, putting up tents, carrying dogs and much grooming.


A working specimen will have short chewed nails - signs of length or loss shall be penalized accordingly.

Legs and Feet:

Very muscular and flexible. Endurance is not of great importance. Knees well bent and pitted by small stones from kneeling outdoors.


Immaterial. Green color denoting envy or red color denoting rage is a disqualification.


Aloof and dignified, even elegant while working. A cheerful, spirited and tractable disposition desired when in the company of the pack. Shyness among strangers is not considered a fault, however, rumor-mongering and viciousness in any degree is a disqualification.

General Faults:

Over-grooming, tardiness in arriving for class, bad sportsmanship and backbiting.


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