July 1st 2005
Canada Day, eh!

As we're putting this page up, June 26th, we're just a few days off Canada Day. This year Waita thought it would be fun to have the dogs participate in Canada Day as well. So it was off to Fabricana early this afternoon for some cotton with a Maple Leaf flag motif to it. Here is Keats playing with his 'Indestruct-a-ball' and sister Karo is, as usual whenever he does this, nipping at his hind legs.

These two knew something was up as soon as Waita put them on: time for walkies! Give them a few minutes to burn some of their beans and it's off for a walk around Steveston Village to show everyone how special we are!!!

'Siouxie the Floozie' as we sometimes affectionately call Karo Sioux, in the characteristic pose that earns her the nickname.

Needless to say they got lots of looks when they went for their walk. Dressing them up, be it at Christmas with their bells or with their new Maple Leaf flag coats, always elicits lots of positive comments as it invariably gets people to look at them as pets, as opposed to those bad-rap Rottweilers that attack little kids and should be banned.

Thank goodness! My sister isn't nipping at my legs any more! Time to get serious about this ball playing stuff! Hey, come play with me Dad!

You done yet with that picture taking, Dad? How's this pose, cute enough or do want something more macho?