This is the ever growing list of sites awarded the. Your site too can apply for this coveted award.

sample award
rottie button Braxenburg Rottweilers. Dianna Contin was runner up for the Best Rottie Ring site in April '98
rottie button Aunkst Rottweilers bone icon Swampy Acres
rottie button Donna Holloway's Gypsy rottie button Von Diamant Rottweilers
rottie button Beau, The Almighty Rottweiler rottie button
rottie button Gelderland Rottweilers rottie button Ruben and Irene Marcello
rottie button Helkrieger Rottweilers rottie button Primarch Rottweilers
rottie button Jedoka Rottweilers rottie button No-Bil Rotties
rottie button Frontier Rottweilers and Shiba Inus rottie button Mike and Maggie
rottie button KK Kennels rottie button Der Vormund Kennels
rottie button Von Stallog Rottweilers rottie button Bijou
rottie button Mid Michigan Rottweiler Rescue rottie button Meisterhunde Kennels
rottie button Kriznik Rottweilers rottie button Pets on the Web in Spanish and English
rottie button Brody's Rottweiler page rottie button Vom Lewdahaus Rottweilers
rottie button Raveneaux Rottweilers rottie button R-CK Kennels
rottie button Southern Shadows Rottweiler Pages rottie button Sylvias Rottweilerseite
Vicky Prater's Rotties Rule Rottweilers-R-Us
Holly House Mijn Rotty Diego
Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue Foundation
bone icon Tish Huber's Just Me and My Dogs bone icon Ronja, the Cavalier
bone icon Cass' homestead bone icon Lily-lou, the miniature Schnauzer
bone icon Richmond Dog Obedience Club bone icon Senta, the dobbie
bone icon The Weber Zoo bone icon Dog Day Afternoon
bone icon Mydobe's Kennels bone icon Sherwood Basenjis
bone icon Black Rock Ranches' Critters bone icon Bulldog Mama's
Bone icon Debern Kennels Bone icon Senior Canine Rescue Society
Bone icon Bubba and Midnight Bone icon Buzzdog
Bone icon Weezie Ferret Bone icon Hardy-Flaps Kennel - Bichon Frisé
Bone icon K9 Rescue Bone icon Santana
Bone icon Pieski Pieseczki (in POLISH) Bone icon Holesome Kennels
Bone icon Sparkshire Shetland Sheepdogs Bone icon CaraBella Standard Schnauzers
Bone icon Loujoh's Dobermans Bone icon Amy's Page of Pets
Bone icon Harley & Cricket's Page Spot's Deaf Dalmatian Page Bone icon Keets and Tweets
Bone icon Filly & Astra Bone icon Christer & Dancer
Bone icon Joschi Bone icon Sam @ Gayla's Garden
Bone icon The Capital Paws Bone icon Pyramides de Cholula
Bone icon The Puppy Place Bone icon Mija Basenjis
Bone icon Babycass' Den Bone icon Roscoe's Page
Bone icon Leo Bone icon Canton Chows
Bone icon Kennel Shetla Bone icon Jumpstart Kennels
Bone icon WorkingDogWeb Bone icon Maxx and Carley's Place
Bone icon Artberger Labrador Retrievers Bone icon Scoutworld
Bone icon Mastiff-Web Bone icon Golden Treasure
Bone icon Concatenate Kennels in Denmark Bone icon IHMUV, a German dog owners club
Bone icon Shelby's Web Page Bone icon Burner Kitty, free pages for pets
Bone icon Dreamworkers Bone icon Cowboy Bob Lemen's Homestead
Bone icon Digital Doghouse Bone icon Molly Dog
Bone icon Spike - Bad to the Bone Bone icon Guerita
Bone icon Cinema Boxers Bone icon Dandi Dinmont Terriers
Bone icon St. Bernard Rescue Bone icon Molly Dog
Bone icon Silmaril Kennels Bone icon Davena Tarkanen's Dragon's Lair
Bone icon Wild Filly Bone icon Visions GSD
Bone icon LeAnn Walton's Bone icon Malawi Cichlids
Bone icon Dynasty Samoyeds Bone icon Chico & Magic
Bone icon Francis-- a Black Lab/Great Dane mix Bone icon Arthur's Boxer page
Bone icon Eli After Hours Blue Moon Eyes Bone icon Manda's Dog House
Bone icon Laska Kennels Homepage! Bone icon Yorkie Lane
Bone icon Westie Rescue of Northen California Bone icon Canine Epilepsy Guardian Angels
Bone icon Tails-a-waggin' Bone icon The Schnauzer Chronicles
Bone icon IBD Dogs International Bone icon Darcregan Dobermanns and Dog Training
Bone icon Rocking T Ranch Bone icon Paula's World
Bone icon Derbyshire Dog Agility Club Bone icon Leningradsky zoopark
Bone icon Rat Terriers of Poochville Bone icon Our Goldens
Bone icon Welsh Terrier Xmas Bone icon Fleetwind Saluki
Bone icon Conquerer Registered Golden Retrievers Bone icon My Darn Dog!
Bone icon Boarpoint Great Danes & Pointers Bone icon Pets Inform, from Russia
Bone icon Carolina Siberian Rescue Bone icon KV's Bunny site
Bone icon Schultz' homepage Bone icon Irish Samoyed Club
Bone icon Barkers Nook Bone icon 2 Collies and a Hound
Bone icon Atos Homepage Bone icon Dog-on-it Acres
Bone icon Fly 'N Woof! Bone icon Lab in the City
Bone icon Some Smart Dogs Bone icon Sherlock's OzK9
Bone icon Les Anges Gardien Bone icon Élevage D'Or E Val
Bone icon Racing Home Greyhound Adoption Bone icon Some Smart Dogs
Bone icon In the Company of Wolves Bone icon Love of Chihuahua
Bone icon Collies in Show Bone icon Guts Bloodhounds
Bone icon Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - Barton Manor Bone icon Down Home Harriers
Bone icon Marian Grove Kennels Bone icon Paris Noël
Bone icon The Dogs of Trudol Bone icon Stevens Danes
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If you have received one of our awards and your site is no longer listed, perhaps you should have advised us your site moved:) On September 2nd, 2004 I went to the trouble of checking every single link on this page, made changes where warranted because of being forwarded to a new site and probably deleted around 40 or so sites that were no longer at the address initially provided.