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Date: 07:02, 16th March, 2006
From: Gail
Where do you live:
Your website:
Favourite page on our site:doggie humor
Referred by:Search Engine
Comments: LMAO....I just read some of your site..... It's wonderful. I have 2 of those tidey, clean face babies. I can see what I have read in my babies.
Gail: Bullet & Daisy's mom

Date: 15:36, June 11, 2006
From: Jo Bousman
Where do you live: Lincolnton NC
Comments:I am Jo Bousman, President/Founder of Lake Norman Rottweiler Rescue in Lincolnton NC. We are a very small and independent rescue. We can only house 5 rescued rotties at a time and we always have cats or kittens for adoption, too!

I have sent so many people to your site to read about adoption and taking care of animals. Thank you! Thank you for the site, the content and everything you do to help animals.

God Bless and Happy Nubby Waggin'!
Jo Bousman
Lake Norman Rottweiler Rescue

Date: 09:03, July 14th, 2006
From: Amanda
Where do you live: Wheeling, WV
Comments: Hello, my name is Amanda, and I'm from Wheeling WV. I was so happy to find your site on the web. Finally, a haven for the Rottie community to just unwind and relax.

I really appreciated this site! I could tell that you put much time and effort into the manufactoring of it, and it kept me entertained for hours. I especially liked the humor pages, especially Pet Peeves. Also, the Rainbow Bridge made me cry, because of the loss of dogs that I've owned over the years, but it was a good cry.

Thank you so much for putting this site out there for all of us Rottie lovers. I, Dummy (1 yr old Rottie/Mastiff Cross) and Buster (15 yr old Rottie/ Ausie Shepard mix) will definalty be back!

Date: September 18th, 2006
From: Amber
Where do you live: Pentiction, BC
Comments: Hello my name is Amber, I am from Penticton BC Canada. I myself have a female rottie of my own "Shade" and she is truly the most attentive and affectionate dog I have ever owned. The love I get from her is indescribable and I feel blessed to have her.

I was drawn to your site just surfing the internet on a boring day at work. After finding your site I didn't leave it for hours. I loved all the pages on it and it was full of useful information as well as humor. Thank you for such a fantastic site about rotties! I just wanted to make mention of the Red Rottie litter, I have never heard of such a thing but I thought it was amazing. They are so beautiful and different even if they don't fit the rottie standard they are truly special. I am extremely fascinated with the Red rotties and am glad to have seen them on your site.

Thanks again Amber.

Date: September 18th, 2006
From:Rose Dennison
Where do you live: I'm Stranded in Iowa, lol!
Comments: I love the site and love all kinds of dogs. Have a mean Chow Chow named Honeybear,the sweetest dog in the world and a crazy Shih-tzu named Gizmo. I really love the jokes and cartoons!

Keep up the good work!

Doggie kisses XXXXX

Date: November 2nd, 2006
From: Jay Cotton
Where do you live: Seattle, WA
Comments: I loved your site! I wasn't too sure about having a Rottie, but 5 years ago, I found myself at the Pound. I was looking at all the dogs and kept walking past this 4 year old Rottie/Aussie Shepard mix. I wasn't too interested in her and she didn't seem too interested in me.

After taking a couple of laps around the pound, I came back to the Rottie mix and she finally looked up at me. Out of all the dogs that I'd looked in the eye, she was the one.

Chase passed away earlier in the week at the age of 9. I never would have gotten a Rottie or a Rottie Mix on my own, but I'm glad that I did. Rotties are one of the most loving, dependable and caring breeds that I've ever encountered...not to mention extremely expressive. I can't say enough good things about them. Thank you for this site and thank you for sharing parts of your babies' lives with us.

Date: November 5th, 2006
From: Jessika Johansson
Where do you live: Sweden
Comments: Very nice homepage, it gives me a cosy 'at home' feeling. I've never seen a red rottweiler in Sweden but I've seen a few with long hair. It looks good without loosing clearity.

I love the breed and I have two rottie bitches. They are very nice working dogs and if you find it interesting with Swedish dogs that track and search you are invited to visit our homepage