Red the Rescue Rottie

This is the Story of
Red, the Rescue

A few weeks ago Pieter and I received an email from a lady who sent us a photo of "Red the Rescue Rottweiler"; he is indeed red as you see in this photo.

She went on to say she had not ever met this boy, however thought we might be interested in seeing the photo of him which had been sent to her by Red's new family. When I asked this lady who sent us the photo if we could add it to our web page about "Red Rottweilers", we were told it was not her photo, so she could not give us permission to use it, however she would try to get in-touch with Red's family to hopefully obtain permission for us to use the photo. Some weeks went by before we received another email regarding "Red". Below is the slightly edited version of the email we received from Red's family.

Red and his buddyHi:

I received your email address from another Rottie owner (I know her from the big dogs group) she sent me the link to your Red Rotties page. Yes, I am the PROUD OWNER of a Red Rottie. His name is Red (he was already given this name before I got him.) I received him through a rescue. Red is not only a great dog he is healthy, smart and a pure joy to have in our family. I have about a million pictures of him at this point and have attached just a few with this email. Not only is he red, but he also has DOUBLE BACK DEW CLAWS! I feel he is doubly special!

Red turned 2 in April 2005. He has lived with me for a year (as a matter of fact, today it is a year to the first full day he has lived in my home! LOL). I have heard, as well as read all the 'bad things' about the Red Rottweilers, being a Rottie lover, I can understand wanting to keep a 'True Standard' however I love this dog and would not trade him. BTW, I also have two black and tan Rotties and my heart dog, Jake, was also a black and tan Rottie.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Red. Feel free to use them. Red's hips have been x-rayed and deemed 'excellent', as are his elbows, eyes, and heart! One couldn't meet a more loving, sweet boy than him!Red and his new family Considering at 8 months of age Red was shot! Yes, shot..... he lived in W. Virginia where he walked off his property. He walked up to a neighborhood kid who he knew, Red rolled onto his back to get a tummy rub. The 'kid' was 19 and mentally challenged, pulled out a 22 caliber pistol, walked up, put the pistol to Red's chest pulling the trigger. When he was asked why he did this his answer to the police was as follows: "Because he thought it was funny and wanted to see what would happen." Red's then family brought him to the local shelter to have him put down; they could not afford the money for the surgery. However, the girls in the shelter fell in love with this red boy, even though Red lie there bleeding to death he was wagging his tail giving everyone tons of kisses! These ladies/guardian angels at the shelter convinced the vet to stabilize Red, while they raised the money for the surgery. As an aside, the day after surgery, Red woke up and CHEWED OUT all his sutures, so the vet donated a second surgery! Once this was completed and Red had recovered some from his surgery he was placed with my friend, a foster volunteer who was out of state. She took Red in sight-unseen, nursing him back to full health. Once Red was well he was enough from his surgery he was neutered. The reason for placing Red out of state with a rescue volunteer was once his former family found out he was not put down, someone/group had indeed raised the needed cash for the surgery and paid for his surgeries; their new plan was to get him back for breeding.

The original plan was to place Red up on Pet Finder for adoption. My friend and her Rottie 'Draco' became Red's foster family with hopes of keeping Red after the continuing nursing care needed for his complete recovery. 'Draco' it seemed was not amused with the choice of buddies for him and was going after Red whenever possible, so, her plans of keeping Red were altered by 'Draco'. She soon decided to re-home Red was a better idea. I had recently lost my Rottie boy, Jake, to cancer. So, she contacted me: could Red become my boy? It was not hard for me fall in love with Red...the rest is history! LOL. I feel the fact he LOVES PEOPLE is pretty amazing. Can't say I would be very trusting if the same had happened to me!

Cool Red Red's is a GREAT story and shows that many people worked hard to give him the life he deserved. He is a WAY TOO COOL Rottweiler with a chance for a great life, even though he is Red and a Rottweiler; he has been one very lucky boy in many ways. Red sounds as though he rocks in all departments. We love the photos you have shared with us.

Question: What would a too cool Red Rottweiler wear???
Answer: Red shades of course, what else could a "Red Rottweiler" wear!!

Thank you for sharing Red's Story with us.