Yorkshire Reds

Late September 2020 we received an e-mail from a lady in Yorkshire, England, with 3 pictures of a litter with red Rotties in it. She writes: "I am in Yorkshire, England and thought I'd share a photo of my 4 year old red Rottweiler, Xander. There are so few photos online. Both his parents were black and tan Rottweilers. His litter was mixed reds and blacks."

yorkshire litter This is the whole litter. There look to be 8 pups, 4 black and tan and 4 reds. Mum has this 'oh-no, not again, let's get it over and done with' look on her face...


We received some additional pictures in February 2021. Both parents apparently are registered dogs but of course the red ones in the litter couldn't be registered as the English Kennel Club does not recognize red as a valid colour.

Xander @ 8 wks

Xander @ 8 weeks of age.

Xander & 5 mos

The Rottie smile @ about 5 months old.

Xander @ 3.5 yrs

Surveying the garden domain @ around 3½ years.

Xander @ 4yrs

At the beach, around 4 years.

Xander @ 5.5 yrs

Xander around 5½ years.