The Rested Dog Inn's ALMOST free t-shirt

We say ALMOST free because, while the picture file is free for the downloading, you will still have to provide (and pay for) your own t-shirt and iron-on transfer. The picture file is fairly large in size, about 384kb. You access it by clicking on the link below the smaller picture below (do NOT download the smaller picture, it's too small to give a good print). After it has finished downloading, right-click on the picture and click save-image-as, which will save it to your hard drive to whichever directory you specify. From there it's a simple matter of opening it up in your favourite image handling/viewing program. To maximize the printed size, specify "landscape" in file>page set-up and set the image to fill the page. Before you print you may have to REVERSE or MIRROR the image if you printer's dialog box does not allow you to specify "Back Print Film"; you may find this under "Media options" in your printer's dialog box. If you do not have this option, you may instead download the reverse version of the picture and save yourself the trouble of doing it yourself. We ask that you do NOT modify the image in any way; please and thank you.


Download regular version
Download REVERSE version

Kezzy, Karl and Peter

Yours truly with the very first tshirt. Those are Kezzy (left) and Karl (right)

1st tshirt

And a little closer look at the first effort.