Love Felt At Last

No more lonely cold nights
   or hearing that I'm bad.
No more growling belly
   from the meals I never had.
No more scorching sunshine
   with a water bowl that's dry.
No more complaining neighbors
   about the noise when I cry.

No more hearing "shut up",
   "get down" or "get out of here".
No more feeling disliked,
   only peace is in the air.
Euthanasia is a blessing,
   though some still can't see,
Why I was ever born
   if I weren't meant to be.

My last day of living
   was the best I ever had.
Someone held me very close,
   I could see she was very sad.
I kissed the lady's face, and
   she hugged me as she cried.
I twitched my stump to thank her,
   then I closed my eyes and died.

Author Unknown

RetiredTribute to a dogCool