This FAQ comes from the manufacturer's site. When we were trying to find out more about neuticles it took a fair bit of digging so we thought we'd provide it here because we felt it should be easier to access information on this procedure. It is simply done to provide information and is not an endorsement of the product/procedure, we do not have any "neuticled" dogs. When you get to the bottom of the page you'll find a link to neuticles from a dog's perspective.

Most Asked Questions About
Neutering With Neuticles

Why Neuticles?

The traditional form of altering used today was developed in the early 1800's. The procedure includes the permanent removal of the pets testicles. Many dog owners hestitate or even refuse to neuter their 'best friend' because of this. Neuticles and the revolutionary CTI (Canine Testicular Implant) procedure eliminates any concern as a 'Neuticled' dog will now look and feel exactly the same after being neutered. Here are Neuticles many advantages to the dog and his caring owner...

What is Post Neutering Trauma?

Following the traditional neutering method most dogs are depressed because they have lost a familiar body part. A dog neutered with Neuticles is unaware he has been neutered because he still looks and feels the same as before.

How does a dog know he's been Neutered

Common sense. A dog knows when he's hungry, when he has a flea, when he misses his owner - why wouldn't he miss a familiar body part?

What are Neuticles made of?

Neuticles are crafted from FDA medically approved (For human implant use) Polyprophylene. Neuticles replicate the canine testicle in size, shape and weight. The 'space-age' material is solid in form and is used in other medical applications as well.

Are Neuticles original?

Yes. CTI Corporation created Neuticles and the CTI surgical procedure that is Trademarked and Patented with the United States Patent & Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. CTI Corporation and it's founder Gregg A. Miller has received Worldwide publicity for providing dog owners around the World an option when neutering their beloved pet.

Do Neuticles come in sizes?

Five sized Neuticles are available for virtually any-sized canine. (Refer to the sizing chart for illustrations and additional information)

Are Neuticles expensive?

Neutering with Neuticles adds $45 to $75 to the regular cost of neutering.

When are Neuticles implanted?

The two to three minute procedure is performed when the dog is neutered. Two implantation procedures have been developed. (Refer to surgical procedure for detailed illustrations and explanations).

Can a neutered dog receive Neuticles?

In rare exceptions. Once a canine is altered the implantation areas begins to shrivel and dry making it impossible for implant. Several cases have been reported where recently neutered dogs did receive the implant from 3 to 10 days following the traditional method with no complications.

Why not a Vasectomy?

This very expensive procedure simply sterilizes the canine. The dog still remains the same insofar as 'roaming' and etc. There are no other options other than the traditional method which leaves the dog unwhole. For this reason, Neuticles and the CTI procedure is recognized Worldwide as revolutionary. Simply stated, dog owners have not had a option when neutering until now.

How do Neuticles control pet overpopulation?

Thousands of dog owners have neutered with Neuticles. Most agree that they simply would not have neutered their pet otherwise. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said (Dog Watch Magazine-Spring 1997) "Who can argue with a perfectly safe surgical procedure which controls overpopulation".

Can my dog 'outgrow' Neuticles?

It is recommended that you neuter with Neuticles at 6 months or older. At this time, the canine testicle is fully developed Although the dog may 'fill out' in weight after this period, the testicle generally remains the same size.

Are Neuticles for the dog or his owner?

Both. Most dog owners concur that they neuter with Neuticles because they do not want their dog to suffer post neutering trauma and they want their dog to look exactly the same.

Will my dog retain those 'nasty' male habits?

About 30 days after being neutered the testostrone in the dogs system is gone. With it the dog owner enjoys all the benefits of having a fully neutered pet that looks exactly the same.

Does my dog know he has Neuticles?

A dog neutered with Neuticles does not know he has been altered.

Are Neuticles safe for my dog?

Absolutely, 100%. Of the thousands of canines Neuticled since April of 1993, not one complication of any type has developed. This is unusual for any medical procedure but proves that Neuticles are, in fact, a safe, practical and inexpensive option when neutering. (Refer to medical disclosure for additional information including field studies and related data).

How do you detect a Neuticled dog?

CTI Corporation provides each Neuticled canine with a certificate of implant. In addition, some dog owners include nutering with Neuticles information on the dogs collar or tags or in the microchip implant which may eliminate risk of a second neutering in the unlikely event the dog is lost or stolen.

Can a small dog be Neuticled with larger than natural implants?

Larger Neuticles in a smaller canine generally will not fit. However, in some cases, it can be enlarged up to 20%. Smaller than natural placement is employed in cases where exact sizing is not possible.

What about show dogs and representing a Neuticled dog as whole?

Neuticles are for the everday household pet. However, part of the show judges job when examining the dog is to feel the testicular area of the canine. Since Neuticles are harder to the human touch, it will quickly be detected and the dogs owner exposed. This situation is highly unlikely as the purpose of showing a breed is to win awards to enhance stud fees.

When will there be Neuticles for cats and other animals?

Neuticles for cats, horses and zoo animals are in development. Neuticles for cats and horses are expected be fall of 1998 or sooner.

What if my veteriarian isn't familiar with Neuticles?

Simply tell your veterinarian that you want to neuter with Neuticles. We will be happy to send your vet an information kit designed for the veterinarian.

Can you tell me if there is a vet in my area who has performed the procedure?

Yes, CTI maintains a database of over 8000 clinics Worldwide which have performed the CTI procedure. Chances are we have a clinic within miles of your home.

Is there a national toll free helpline?

For questions, comments or concerns call toll free anywhere in the USA or Canada: 1-888-NEUTICLES. Our direct number is 816-350-7298, Fax 816-249-6388.

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