Ace, the show man
or should that be
SNOW man

At his breeder's request -and there wasn't a lot of arm twisting necessary- Ace was entered into his first show on September 30th, 2006. Strictly speaking though it wasn't his first show, it was his first while living with us. Ace's inaugural show was last year's Sieger show. Anyway, as you can tell from the colour of the ribbon, he came in third in his class. The first two finishers in his class were bred by the judge......that's show biz, ain't it, win some, come in third some other time.

The November 25th weekend we got hit with an early snow storm. I cannot recall seeing snow this early in the season, but, Ace sure didn't mind!

He quickly discovered it was great fun to dig away with his front paws, make a snowball, and then eat it! He gets the process started with his nose and then brings up his paws. And it doesn't take him long either!

Just scoop it up with your paws, and you're on the way to another mouthful!

"Think I have it just about the right size now! It's almost time to bite into that cold, refreshing tidbit!"

On May 12th, 2007 a little bitch called 'NEKA' came to stay for the weekend. At least that was the plan, but she's still here.....

Ace was over the moon to have another canine companion again. Neka made herself right at home and proceeded to play suckface with the Aceman.

Ace just opens wide and licky-face Neka dives right in, sorta like a canine version of deepthroating....

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