The Rested Dog Inn's Rott-n-one

We have had one of THOSE Rottweilers, you know, the supposed mean and ass-eating kind, living with us since just before Xmas '91. Her name is Batjac's Kezzy Sioux(Kezz or Siouxie for short). She was born October 28th, 1991. Her mother is Haramitas Kyladie's SHASTAand her father is Trollegens DINGO von Simeberg.


Trollegens DINGO von Simeberg at one of his many shows, a group 4th placing as you can see.


Haramitas Kyladie's SHASTA at one of her show wins (winners bitch in this case).

Here's the little trollop herself, not many hours after she arrived here from Edmonton. She's 7 1/2 weeks in this picture.

Kezzy's got to be one of the world's seemingly most affection starved dogs. At least she pretends she is, she's ALWAYS looking for her next cuddle. As an 8 week old pup on Mom's lap she is learning what bonding is all about.

Kezzy 8 weeks Kezzy 8 weeks

Kezzy was a lot of fun to watch grow up. Something that didn't happen without some of the typical puppie stages though. Take the "digging to Australia" stage for instance. Here she is seen doing just a fine job trying to dig all the way down-under.

I know it's gotta be 'round here!?
And WHERE did I leave it you say?

Where did you say that place was?
And what was the name of it again?

Boy, oh boy!
No-one's watching!!
Last one in the garden is a rotten egg!

The picture of INNOCENCE.
I didn't dig in the mud, honest!?!?
Must have been that other dog!

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