B.I.S. Rottie Ring, March & Dec. '98


"Pocket Rottie" is a term coined by Jan Cooper in response to a picture we sent her a few years ago. We have received email enquiries from people asking us where they can find out more information on the "Pocket Rottie", what their temperament is like and so on, and that is why we put this page together. Read on, and find out all there is to know about the "Pocket Rottie" as this page shows how the picture Jan Cooper used to post on her site came to be.

Jan's banner

Keats in the puddle

This is the original photograph we took of one of our dogs, Sir Keats vom Baklahausen, standing in a puddle of water studying his reflection. We incorporated this into a picture card with a little verse underneath the picture (Mirror, mirror on the ground, who's the fairest Rottie around?). The photograph was scanned by our neighbour Bruce, who took it upon himself to get a little creative and drop the dog into a meadow with sheep; seemingly very small sheep and a HUGE dog. Both were sent to another friend, Barrie, who took the dog's image and superimposed it onto a shot he had of 3 of his budgies at their food dish. The end result was the picture that gave us the image that Jan Cooper referred to as the "Pocket Rottie".

Here is the fruit of Bruce's labour: we grow our Rotties BIG here in B.C.

You did know Rotties were herding dogs, didn't you?


And this is the final creation: Barrie's budgies dwarfing Sir Keats; the end result is what is now known as the "POCKET ROTTIE".

Who let this dog in?

Recent visitors to the page sent us the following:

I was hoping you could send me one of your pocket Rotties. You see I have a regular Rottie, a Male 3 months old. I would like another but, hubby says one horse to be is enough. Imagine that! Well, I am sure he wouldn't object to one of yours. They are easy to hide in any event..smile...:)


Just LOVE the idea of your pocket edition of Rotts........especially because I will be able to pack more onto the bed at night. Please ship immediately........any chance that they might be cheaper by the dozen????


I would love to have a housefull--or should I say condo full--of pocket rotties. I doubt that my homeowners association would object to them!!! Somehow they think that one "large" rottie in a condo is enough!


We hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as we have. These Pocket Rotties are the easiest to care for dogs we have ever had: they're cyberdogs and they are the same dog the world over. Very even in temperament, no food requirements other than the monthly ISP fee, no vet bills: in a word, they're the ideal dog. To take one for a walk, just here at "The Rested Dog Inn" and we'll send you one as an attachment, or you can download the dog yourself by right-clicking on the picture and telling the browser where to download the file to. Unfortunately the file is really too small to be able to print it out and use it for a transfer.

Thanks for dropping in, or two or, better yet, won't you sign our Guestbook before you leave, we'd love to hear from you and welcome your comments and suggestions.


Sir Keats would like you
to leave your pawprints.


This is a copyrighted © animation, please have the courtesy to ask permission before you "borrow" this animated gif.

Lady's Doc HolidayP.S. A recent entry into our guestbook showed us another kind of "Pocket Rottie" and that's him to the right: a male pup born July 28, 1996. His name is Lady's Doc Holiday. Breeder is Dawn Rexrode. Sire is Taz M. Devil The Terror, Dam is My Lady Ashley of York.

Dawn Rexrode, DKKennels Rottweiler Rescue

While Dawn may feel Doc is the original Pocket Rottie, fact remains Sir Keats (the subject of OUR Pocket Rottie) was born March 28th, 1995 and as such he will remain the ORIGINAL "POCKET ROTTIE", it's an age thing. But we can all agree, that's one heck of a cute picture none-the-less. BTW, Doc was about 2 weeks old when this picture was taken.

Show me some of your other rott-n pictures, please Peter and Waita.