The Rested Dog Inn's C.E.B.
Batjac's Kezzy Sioux

In case you wondered: C.E.B.= CHIEF EXECUTIVE BITCH

Kezzy was a handful as a pup. Putting her through her obedience training was a test of wills, but she does fairly well at it these days.

Our Kezzy Sioux is about 10 months old here, posing for her first Christmas picture and seemingly paying attention. She was like the proverbial fart in a mitt though, doing more playing around than paying attention, as you can tell from the picture below.

The following spring it was time for some shots for Easter, nothing like showing the prairie relatives in February that we have our crocci in full bloom already.

The year after, mother Shasta was out for another gettogether with one of her boyfriends and she had to show uncle Kerry what spring was like on the coast. How do you like her trendy panties?

My mother Shasta and I, ain't we just the cutest?

Mom's trying to show me where to sit for our Halloween/Christmas picture. I'm afraid I didn't understand her very well, but in the end Dad did manage to get a good shot.

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