The Rested Dog Inn's family expands

Our dogs have provided us a great deal of fun and companionship. They are a handful, but we wouldn't give them up for anything. As Kezzy, and later the pups, grew up, they have certainly given us plenty of pictures, heres are but a few of them.

Kezzy Sioux showing off part of her collection of ribbons. After all she IS a Canadian Champion.

Kezzy & ribbons

In early January '95 Kezzy was bred to Am.Can.Ch. Montclaire's Blitzkrieg (VICTOR) one of the winningest studs in these parts, and a busy one. The pups were born March 28, 1995: 3 bitches and 4 dogs. We lost 2 bitches in the first couple of days and ultimately weaned 4 dogs and 1 bitch.


The puppies are but a few days old here, their eyes haven't opened yet.

Don't ask which pup this is, just cannot remember.

Chubby rolly-polies, eat sleep and poo is mostly what they do at this age. The five of 'em, oblivious to the world around them.

puppies sleeping
pups eating wannum?

"YOU wannum?" Isn't this a priceless expression on Kezzy face or what?! The pups are a little older here and presumably are getting sharper and sharper teeth, which I'm sure will cause discomfort (and the expression of disgust).

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