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The gang welcoming Mom back, must have been near dinner time (which was almost every second hour in those days). They're getting more mobile, running around more, they're starting to play with one another and they're starting to become much more of a handful. And you start seeing their personalities better. Kaleb for instance at this age was the gruffest little guy, never happy, didn't want to be held or cuddled, yet today Katie tells us he prefers to play the 100lbs lapdog.

Where you been?

They grow too rapidly, like kids, you wish they'd stay little forever. Here they're getting used to mushed puppyfood, yum-yum.

pups diving in
what's out there?

As we get bigger, we get more and more curious about the big world outside our whelping box. They were just too cute for words at this age.


It's chow-down time, early in the afternoon of a May-day in '95.

Three of the hooligans, exploring the backyard, which was still nice and green; they weren't big enough to do damage to it yet. That would change soon though. The garden boxes you see in the background are now gone, 't was just too troublesome to keep them out.

3 hoolies
playing tug

It was great fun playing tug with Mom under the cedar tree, in the shade. Mom was sure bossy though.

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