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Waita with Nero, one of his last cuddles before he left for Edmonton.

Nero cuddle

Having a good old fashioned puppy playtime.

Puppy pile

When you're done playing with your brothers, you can always go bother Mom for a quickie drink.

quickie drink

Two of us trying to persuade Mom to regurgitate some food to us for lunch. Don't think we were too successful though.

Give it up!

Ganging up on sister, a favourite game. And she didn't seem to mind too much.

let's get her!

Early August '95 we took the pups to their first show and they hadn't done too much work with a lead. And it shows. I believe that's Karl I was dragging around.

show time

In spite of their slightly untrained behaviour they did well, they took all the cookies so to speak in their class. The only one of the pups that went eventually into a sanctioned show is Karo. At least she was supposed to, but the handler we had felt she knew all about Rotties and did not pay any attention to what she was told about Karo's traits and personality. When Karo came back from that trip she was afraid of her own shadow almost, a changed dog and not suitable for ring work at that point. We may try again, with a better handler.

show time

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