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Kezzy with three of her pups, posing for our Christmas card picture for '95. By the time we got the fourth one into the act they had woken up too well, started to play around (go figure, puppies playing?!?) and the barrel, which was 18 years old, fell apart. End of session, playtime!!!!

Xmas picture

It is play, chase, wrestle, let's burn off some of that energy. And tear up the grass in the backyard, that's why you see the cedar chips on the ground. The grass had been so badly damaged that the yard turned into mud on wet days with 5 dogs playing on it. This was in the spring of '96. Grass is starting to grow back nicely now, we no longer have 5 dogs and their access is now restricted; particularly in the wetter winter months.

play time

The four of us, relaxing on a warm, sunny summer evening with Mom in the backyard.

group of 4

Helping Mom out with her gardening. And if you wish to see what things look like now, come here

supervising time
Kezz & Senegal

When Kezzy was a pup, we handraised our first clutch of 2 Senegal parrot chicks. Here she is giving one of them a good looking over. No, she never made any attempt to go after them as chicks; matter of fact she liked licking the formula off their faces and feathers. I think her attitude towards them today is somewhat different and we haven't tried her this close to another clutch since. Great shot, isn't it?


Keats is wondering what that funny thing in front of my face is: an Olympus DL300 digital camera.

Keats and Karo are doing their dance routine: "Crash test dummies", late in the spring of '98.

Shall we dance?

More pictures/pages follow, including a page with a few pictures of our boys in Edmonton, Nero and Kaleb (now at the Rainbow Bridge), also:

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