When Kaleb was our boy

Kaleb opens his eyes at about 2 weeks of age: it's a bright world out there!!

Kaleb at  2 weeks

At about 5 month's of age Kaleb went to his one and only sanction match. He did win a ribbon as you can see, but Kaleb and brother Karl just didn't care for this show stuff: "it's for girls."

Kaleb and his show ribbons

Kaleb loved to lay down and keep a constant survey of what was going on in the yard. Something must have been up the tree to catch his attention, squirrel or bird, or maybe even a cat on the fence.

Kaleb watching

Kaleb, practicing his stack, standing tall and giving us his most regal look on his last day with us: "How's this, this look okay?" A great pose from Kaleb for us to remember him by. Good boy, in another hour and a half I'm off to Edmonton.

Look at me!

Can't quite remember when this was taken, but it was obviously a nice sunny day.

Kaleb and his 2 Moms

Kaleb and his two moms: Kezzy and Waita. Kaleb and Kezz are wondering when the blazes they're going to get what it is that Waita has in her hands: biscuits.

Nice cuddle

Kaleb and Waita lost in thought in a moment of quiet reflection.

Resting pup

Kaleb is the one of course that's featured on our Pooped Puppy Award. This is the picture that also formed the basis for the label of our Pooped Puppy Port.

Both John and Katie and ourselves are very sorry to say that Kaleb crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 24th, 1998.

More pictures/pages are below, including a page with a few pictures of both our boys in Edmonton meanwhile:

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