Our boys with John and Katie in Edmonton

Nero at about 2 weeks of age.

Nero at two weeks

That's Nero on the right and Keats on the left. What looks like a bump on Keats' leg actually is the tip of Karo's nose, coming up to see what her two biggest brothers are up to.

Nero and Keats

When Nero went to live with John and Katie he was quickly spoiled, as you can see. Just look at that day-bed, fit for an emperor.

Nero on his new bed

Nero showing us all how well he does a sit-stay; GOOD BOY.

Who, ME? What do you mean?

Edmonton being what it is in the winter, cold and snowy, Nero had little choice but to like snow. And he did, as you can see from this shot.

Nero in the snow
Katie and Kaleb the lap dog

Like his brother Karl, Kaleb seems to have developed a habit of preferring to sit on his Mom's lap. Katie finds out here what it's like to be the cushion to a 96lbs Rottie.

"Who put that bow on me while I was sleeping? Can't you give a guy a BREAK, buddy?"

Kaleb with bow

"What do you mean how come there's flour on my nose, that's not flour. The other dog's the one with the flour nose. I was the one that was hard at work making pizzas while you were out, I'm the good one around here. Besides, John made me do it, honest."


Kaleb, like his brother Nero before him, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 24th, 1998. Both John and Katie, and us, will miss the lovable lug.

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