On May 12th, 2007 a little bitch called 'NEKA' came to stay for the weekend. At least that was the plan, but she's still here.....

Ace was over the moon to have another canine companion again. Neka made herself right at home and proceeded to play suckface with the Aceman.

Ace just opens wide and licky-face Neka dives right in, sorta like a canine version of deepthroating....

Neka settled in very quickly. And quickly she discovered chewing. Everything. From furniture to wood to the drywall, a one dog wrecking crew she is.

When we got her there were injury issues and we had to make sure she stayed fairly quiet with not a lot of horse play with the Aceman.

Within a couple of days after coming here, Neka discovered that the stainless steel drinking bowls could easily be dislodged out of the buckets they're on top of. She'd get her nose under the rim and nudge it up, spilling the water, and then proceeded to drink the water off the concrete rather than out of the bowl!

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