The Rested Dog Inn's Ace

Towards the end of 2005 the original Rested Dog Inn canine family has been reduced to just one, our 'Karo Sioux'. The year 2005 we started with three dogs, and by early September were down to our most expensive one. I say most expensive because Karo has had cruciate ligament surgeries on both her hind legs, as well as most recently her spleen removed. Karo misses her brother 'Keats' even more than we do and it became very obvious to us that she was very starved for canine companionship. You could see it on the walks we took, she had to go say 'Hi' to every single dog we met. To make a long story much shorter, there is now a new canine addition to the Rested Dog Inn. He's called 'ACE' and he arrived here on November 29th, 2005. The first day was a bit strange to him of course, but by week's end he'd settled in wonderfully well.

Ace is from a litter of TEN pups. It was quite the task to get them all lined up for the family portrait -and even then Mom and Dad are missing- but here they are, Ace and his 9 siblings.

Ace is the the third one from the right. Apparently he was about to jump off the timber and go exploring and the handler grabbed him by the scruff of the neck to pull him back into the line-up again. As you can see he's the only one of the litter without any folds showing on his face: it was all being pulled back when he was being restrained.

Here's a cropped close-up of the little monkey. He was like a fart in a colander, trying to figure out which hole he could get out of. And he's not much better today.

Karo is starting to warm up to him, yet has no problem telling him what is off limits. He respects that. We're seeing signs of them wanting to play together but we have not encouraged it too much because Karo is still recovering from her spleen surgery. On top of that the patio and sideyard are on the slippery side this time of year with all the rain and wet snow we're seeing and we don't really want to have one of them get hurt when there's a serious slide.

AceHere's the new 'King of the Castle' already making himself quite comfortable on the sofa. It didn't take him long to figure out the sofa's a good place to be....

It's kinda hard to tell from these pictures, but Ace has HUGE paws. He's already taller than Karo and he isn't done growing as yet.

AceWe had just come back from our stroll through Steveston village to have the canines show off their Christmas bells. We had wet snow for our walk and while I had the camera with me I didn't take any pictures on our walk, so I figured I'd better do a few in the backyard before we take the bells off again. Ace was showing signs of wanting to play with Auntie Karo and I wasn't sure if I had grabbed a good shot of him. He was moving fast, light was low and shutter speed slow, but the flash froze enough detail to capture this expression on his face, as if he's thinking 'Oh boy, oh boy oh boy!, I'm comin' to git ya!'

Ace and KaroAce is trying to get something going here, but Karo's heart wasn't in it. Ace started to try and run but repeatedly lost his footing on the wet, slippery patio. Because he lost his footing twice in quick succession we put an end to the game playing to avoid potentially costly vet bills.

What's going on there? How come I'm here and not there, where I should be? What do you mean I can't come into the yard?

In the short three months Ace has been with us he has clearly managed to endear himself to us. Auntie Karo is still unsure of him. Some days she wants to play with him, but most of the time it is as if she's had enough of the busy body. They are at such different stages in their lives. He's always looking for the next thing to get himself into trouble, she on the other hand just prefers peace and quiet. Ace has earned himself a new name: Ace 'The Destroyer': he's managed to get his teeth into three TV remotes sofar and we're contemplating buying these by the dozen now.....never mind whatever else he's managed to rip to shreds!

We lost Auntie Karo on April 10th, 2006. Ace misses her badly, he's constantly starved for canine companionship. Through the summer and fall he got to spend some time with Angel from up the road, particularly when her owner was away for a few days and we'd look after Angel at our house. Angel was not always amused however. The constant nose-up-her-butt from Ace was never well tolerated, and she'd have to snarl at him more than once to get the point across that his advances were not welcome. Only very periodically would she make any attempt to actually play with him.

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