The Rested Dog Inn's Furry Friends

We have had one of THOSE Rottweilers, you know, the supposed mean and ass-eating kind, living with us since just before Xmas '91. Her name is Batjac's Kezzy Sioux (Kezz or Siouxie for short).And event though she since passed away, on March 12, 2005, she will always have a very special place in our hearts.

It is one of those unfortunate realities that during one's life you will be touched by many dogs. Even though they may be with you for a comparetive long time, like Kezzy at 13½ years, they are here but for a short time. In that short time however they can greatly enhance your life with their loyalty, unquestioning love and devotion, and leave a void when they're gone that can never be filled. Other dogs will come along, each with their own personality and they will make you look back on those dogs no longer among us with great fondness. They'll bring a smile to your face, and a lump to your throat when you miss the departed.

There are simply too many pictures to put all onto one page: it would take much too long to load and they take long enough as it is. So, we have devided them over a growing number of pages, starting with a page of pictures of our matriarch: Kezzy Sioux. On some of the pages you will find hyperlinked dog names: they're linked to their pedigrees, starting with Kezzy's above. Please keep in mind that these picture pages will take more than 30 seconds to download completely witha typical dial-up modem connection because of all the picture files on them.

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Towards the end of 2005 the original Rested Dog Inn canine family has been reduced to just one, our 'Karo Sioux'. The year 2005 we started with three dogs, and by early September we were down to our most expensive one. I say most expensive because Karo hs had two tendon surgeries, as well as most recently her spleen removed. Karo misses her brother 'Keats' even more than we do and it became very obvious to us that she was very starved for canine companionship. You could see it on the walks we took, she had to go say 'Hi' to every single dog we met. To make a long story much shorter, there is now a new canine addition to the Rested Dog Inn. He's called 'ACE' and he arrived here on November 29th, 2005. The first day was a bit strange to him of course, but by week's end he's settled in wonderfully well.

Karo is starting to warm up to him, yet has no problem telling him what is off limits. He respects that. We're seeing signs of them wanting to play together but we have not encouraged it too much because Karo is still recovering from her spleen surgery. On top of that the patio and sideyard are on the slippery side this time of year with all the rain and wet snow we're seeing and we don't really want to have one of them get hurt when there's a serious slide.

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